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 Concha Music Productions

Music Made to Measure


CONCHA MUSIC PRODUCTION is a full musical services production team offering the right music for your project. Whether you need a soundtrack for your movie/series/advertisement or are looking for a new song, we might have the tune for you.

CMP operates in both a pop/rock as well as in a TV & movie environment.


The main man behind CMP is Mario Goossens - to the public known as the frenetic drummer of a wide range of bands, such as powertrio Triggerfinger, poplegends Hooverphonic or classic rock-combo Sloper. Mario has been active as a producer and session musician ever since he entered the music business.


For more than five years now, Mario’s been operating from The Gorio Hills studio based in his home near Hasselt, Belgium. With a diverse team of international professionals, he’s been writing and producing music; from short bumpers to extended soundtracks and pop songs that suit any requirement, and that’s precisely what he aims to focus on in the years to come.

CMP operates within an international network of highly skilled musicians, authors and composers, producers and engineers who’ve proved their talent in this business: craftsmanship overrules personal ambition or ego, and a listening ear is at any given time ready to interpret and carry out the client’s wishes.


Feel free to scroll through some of the results that were produced by CMP over the last few years and you will discover a rich and diverse repertoire for any taste or client.


In 2012, Mario produced the soundtrack for Peter Monsaert’s debut movie ‘Offline’ with his fellow musicians of Triggerfinger. This was basically the set off for Concha Music Production.

Later work involves ex-Hooverphonic colleague David Poltrock, with whom he teamed up for ‘Safety First’ (2015), a movie by Tim Van Aelst, the man who also produced ‘Benidorm Bastards’, a worldwide success series featuring pensioners and a candid camera.


Paradise City’ is another project from CMP, a TV series in which Mario and co-writer and producer Karel Van Mileghem dwelled disaster-stricken cities around the world such as Hiroshima, Belfast, Port-au-Prince, Detroit, New Orleans and Kigali in search of the meaning of music for the recovery of those communities.


CMP recently pimped a Dutch kids series from the Seventies to a modern 2.0 version and wrote, perfomed and recorded the complete soundtrack (Fabeltjeskrant, 2019).